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Make sure that you have all the necessary data before announcing in AbuDhabiDubai business directory. There are required fields. If you do not complete all the required fields your ad will not be approved. We suggest that you prepare all the required data in a text document before announcing your business. So it will be easier, you just have to copy and paste the data into the fields.

Read the Terms of Use before post your business with us. There are very strict rules about the content. If you don’t respect these Terms your ad will be rejected without notice if there’s no possibility to edit your ad.

Before starting: Register, Login, visit your Profile and change it as you wish.

Completing the form to post an ad in AbuDhabiDubai directory

  • Title – The title should be the name of your business / company.
  • Address – Provide the location of your business: name of the street, P.O. box and city.
  • Pinpoint on Map – Many users have trouble when trying to position the address in the correct location of the map. It’s simple: First enter the name of the city (i.e. Dubai). Click “set on map”. Automatically appears the geographic coordinates and a pinpointon map of the city. Drag it manually to the correct Address on map where your business is located. Rewrite your address after positioning the pinpoint at the correct location (Street, P.O. Box and City). The address must be complete and must end with the name of the city.

  • Category  Choose only a subcategory related to your business. Paid ads can benefit from 2 categories (an additional category offered by management).

  • PhoneProvide a valid phone number. If your ad is a business, a company or even a shop, phone contact is very important because it helps you get more orders and sell more products.
  • Website URL – This field is very important, the URL will create a link to your website. This link is the gateway to your business!
  • Email – If you do not want your email visible simply do not add it (not required). However even if you keep your email invisible your customers can contact you anyway through our contact form because your subscription email is on our database but hidden.
  • Social Media – (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) – Not required field. However, if you want to increase the exposure of your business, provide your address (i.e.

  • Images Up to five (paid ads) and up to two (free ads). Each image must not exceed 80kb (80000 bytes). You should use software to format the images before. You can use free websites to resize the images, there are many online. The main image must be square (the best format: 500×500 px).

  • Business Description – Try to write an original text. Do not copy the same text from your website, make changes.
  • TagsNot required but recommended. Up to 40 characters only. Tags are short keywords related to the services or products of your company. Separate them by commas. Try to select some keywords contained in the description.


In summary we present the following seven required fields. Be careful and do not leave any of these fields unfilled, otherwise your ad will not be approved.

Seven required fields:

  • Title (name of your company/business);
  • Address (full address);
  • Pinpoint on Map (correct location of your address);
  • Subcategory (at least 1 subcategory);
  • Website URL (link to your website);
  • Images (at least 1 image and the main image must be square, e.g. format: 500×500 px);
  • Business Description (brief description of your business / website or company).


Read also our Support page. These same points are also explained at this page. Also learn about our Packages and Terms of Use.

 Note: If your ad is not approved within 48 hours it means that it was rejected. We will do everything to give life to all inserted ads but if it’s impossible for us to edit it, it will be rejected without any refund. Be responsible.

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